What does weed do to your sex drive?

Does weed increase your sexual desires or anything like that? Does anyone know..

Answer #1

Weed does not kill sperm, if your going to be stating information at least get facts straight. And weed effects everyone differently. For me it increases my drive but I dont like being around people when high, but as I said varies person to person.

Answer #2

sometimes smoking increases my sex drive and sometimes it doesnt. when it does, everything feels about 10 times more intense than it would if I were sober. orgasms while high are incredible. I would recommend giving it a shot.

Answer #3

Smoking weed will most likely decrease your sex drive but heighten your sexual experience, as weird as that sounds.

Answer #4

Weed makes sex better..

Answer #5

Whn I smoke it all I know is that I get horny as hell.

Answer #6

weed can kill sperm, just so you no.

Answer #7

I think it increases it:)

Answer #8

uhhmm I smoked weed once I didnt like it at all , but I dont think it does anything hoenstly

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