What does a dream of dodgeball mean?

In my dream for some reason we were playing dodgeball in the gym. And my crush was there. All of a sudden this girl that I really hate decided she didn’t want to play and so she laid down on the floor. Then I kicked her and everyone was mad at me.. Anyone know what it might mean.

Answer #1

well I’ve had a simallar dream.. maybe yur jelous of the girl and him? maybe you just really hate her.

Answer #2

Yeah I think your right haloyeah I probably was thinking why my crush hangs out with her so much and why he told her I like him.

Answer #3

Unless your physic, then it’s just a dream.

Answer #4

I agree with username:xxbringmethehorizonxx.

Answer #5

Of course you were thinking about how much you hate that girl you wanted to do something to her because you hate her so much but you can’t so you dreamed you did it…

Answer #6

Simply a Dream…don’t try and assign some deep meaning pro or con to it…hopefully we have far more good dreams than bad.

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