Will my dream mean he's dreaming about me too?

If you have a dream about your crush does it mean they were dreaming of you too? please answer my other questions too..Thx!

Answer #1

No, but I wish it were true, that would be sweet.

Answer #2

no having a dream about someone does not mean they were dreaming of you too it just means you were thinking about them sometime during the day and/or before you went to bed and they appeared in your dream

Answer #3

No it just means you were thinkin of him in the back of your mind. you know what I mean? Like when your focusing on something, but really your thinking of him throughout whatever your doing. Basicly you think of him a lot. It could be that you were trying hard not to think of him for some reason also.

Answer #4

No it doesn’t, It just means you had a dream about your crush. I dream about Leonardo DiCaprio but I doubt he’s dreaming of me…


Answer #5

No, it doesn’t mean that, but it just means that you were thinking about him recently. Your dreams depends on whats going on in your life right now, or something that happened in your past. That means your thoughts too. I hope this helps :]

  • Advice Girl, (:
Answer #6

Not necessarily

Answer #7

no, verry interesting and creative of thinking of that two xD

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