What does sweating on the nose mean?

I've heard that if you sweat on the nose normally it means your evil or mean.

Whats the origin behind it?

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u mean by sweating that it's wet around your nose ??
I dont think so, I think you have a greasy skin like me thats what you meant ! LOL

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It means you're overheated or you have oily skin. It definitely doesn't mean that you are evil.

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Maybe you just sweat a lot.

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I dont know why everyone says that ot means i am mean i can be meqn sometimes but i am a very polite and kind person

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Because you have an Oily skin. COME... ON GO WASHED!

I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body
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It probably has to do with myths surrounding vampires with superhuman smelling often reacting to strong smells with sweating on their nose, but hey it’s just a myth.

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