What does my dream mean...is it gonna happen?

I had this dream in 5th… maybe 4th grade. It was a dark night I was in a mini van with a guy he said he was my boyfriend and we got into a convesation about each other. we were so happy. we were laughing having fun but then a drunk driver came and hit us on that guys side of the van. there was blood everywhere the glass from the window was on digging in my hand. some of his blood was on my clothes and on me. I just cried and yelled. I went to the hospital to get some stitches. I went to his funeral crying. while the preacher was saying stuff like they normally do at funeals. Then I woke up still rememering what happened. 2 years later I met the guy that died in my dream at school. We became friends. now at highschool I keep on having flashbacks of the dream. Bits of peices from the dream. I could listen 2 songs and I’ll start crying because it reminds me of the dream. I don’t know what it means. Is it gonna come true. Should I tell him.

Answer #1

the same thing has happened to me, but a little differently. I just would be careful, dont ride in minivans with him, and maybe tell him if you’re close to him, otherwise, keep your mouth shut incase he thinks you’re some kind of pysco and puts you in a mental hospital :P just look out!

Answer #2

I dont thi k that is going to happen it just was a really realistic dream that you were trmautised by. I would just you know sugest to talk to a school councelor you to just get it out because that can happen to a lot of people to me it happened more than once and it was hard but they are just dreams it ok! And if you want to tell the guy you can I mean not like its ganna do something to him or anathing!:)

Answer #3

im not saying what I say is right. easier part of your question- there is a 99.999999999% chance that this will not happen if I makes you feel better then yeah, tell him. it couldnt hurt right? also, dont ride in mini vans with him :)

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