What does my dream mean?

the other night I ha d a dream bout a lad that I aint seen in bout 5 years, and the dream was that I was wiv him and we kissed eventhough I new I had a boyfriend, and that whn I went near him he came over 2 me and left his mates, and that I had a happy feeling whn we was holdin hands facin each other, (wired dream I know),, but he wont accept me on a social site though he never does ever since I have tried addin him since I got a social site, thnx for the help xx

Answer #1

it might mean you are meant to be together, are just in a happy mood, or you could of been thinking of something random!

Answer #2

Well it doesnt mean anything maybe you like him but you cant change that now unless you see him again and feel your feelings what do you feel?

Answer #3

I think you need to see him agian it might mean you were ment to be

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