What does it mean to get fingered?

what is a blowjob?what does it mean to get fingered???

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blow job is when a person puts their mouth around a guys pen*s and pleasures him by moving her head up and down, and getting fingered is when a guy or girl puts 2 fingers inside your vag, and goes soft or hard in and out really fast or slow and pleasures you. lol

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anything with fingers is awesome but mouths I still think they should stay on the upper half of the body

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend had a drop of sperm on his finger and he fingered me with it?
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giving a blow job is when the girl puts her mouth around the guys pen*s and goes up and down and gives her pleasure... and getting fingered is when your boy friend sticks there finger up your vag. and goes up and down and fast and slow it feels good and your get your pleasure and he'll get his

Why does my stomach hurt after having sex or being fingered?
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you wont be as grossed out in a year or so. Im 14 and its pretty normal haha

Dont want to use fingers so what to use to masterbate?
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blow job= boys p*nis in girls mouth suckin blowin forward back ect.
fingered=your fingers or a bot in your p*ssy in out in out ect.

what else than fingers
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*boys not bot haha whoops

How can fingering a virgin not hurt?
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oh geed
thats so gross
thats called masterbating
we learn that in schll

If I finger myself, am I still a virgin?

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