What does my dream mean?

First off, I have never been able to remember a dream the next day. I had this dream a couple years back, and I have had it more than once. (Its pretty disturbing. :/) My stepdad, my mom and I all went up to a cabin. Me and my mom when to sleep, I woke up to my stepdad starting a chainsaw. He was slowly coming over to me and my mom then he cut my mom with the chainsaw. I ran out of the room and watched what was going on through a window. He was cutting her up and putting all the little peices into a baggie.. The he started to come after me, so I ran into the woods and right when he almost caught me I woke up. Ut is the EXACT same every time I have it..

What could this mean?!? Someone please tell me!!

Answer #1

You need to go to a psychiatrist if this really worries you. That’s really scary, and you need to speak to your mother about this. And I also need to mention are you and your father on bad terms or something? Why would you dream of him being so evil if it didn’t reflect off SOMETHING. Maybe your brain was able to sense something that you weren’t.

Answer #2

This is just my interpretation but maybe you see this man as trying to take your mum away from you ?? Sometimes kids think this way when there is a step parent.

Answer #3

well remeber its just a dream and that would never happen and I have had scary dreams before and I started to cry when I woke up and then I made sure that nothin was harmed and then I felt better.

Answer #4

Maby if you go to someone at school who can help you understand. Or maby there is tension in your hous that your stepdad is causing. you wil have to look at your life.

Answer #5

Maybe you could look at this website: http://www.dreammoods.com It has some information about recurring dreams and it also has a “dream dictionary” where you can lookup some of the key elements of your dreams.

Answer #6

I have told my mom but she says “he would never do that” “its just a dream dont worry about it” but I can’t stop dreaming about it and I cry every time I think about it! :/

Answer #7

We argue all the time, but thats how it has been for the past 10 years.. and I just had it like 2 years agoo…

Answer #8

what does it mean when you have a dream with caskets

Answer #9

maybe he will do something bad to your mom! and he does this thing to get to YOU! and your mom tried her best but he started playing with her feelings til’ she let him get to you!! and you are running away!, means you don’t liike him, you were scared from him, and did nothing when he was cutting your mom! maybe you will have problems with your mum! just be close to your mum as much as you can! and stand by her side when ever you think he’s doing something bad or wrong!! (this way you’ll know everything that is going on between them!!) I’m crazy I know!! just be carefull! and remember not all dreams come true! don’t ever tell someone about your bad dreams again! cause when you tell people your dreams they might come true without you realizing that! so don’t tell people bad dreams! just good dreams IF YOU WANT THEM TO COME TRUE!!! hope I helped, fun mail me when needed!!!

Answer #10

You may be sensing some tension between them. Your brain goes through a lot of random thoughts and feelings when you’re asleep and tries to arrange them in a way that makes sense - sort of like putting a story together from random words. It happens to everyone. Don’t worry about it too much, but pay attention to it - sometimes things like that can help you predict the future - you notice details you normally ignore… It’s kind of like your brain recalls some clues that you missed.

Answer #11

it seem that maybe you feel that your stepdad has severed the relationship you and your mother once had before him. you feel maybe he’s taking her away from you. in your dream the fact that he wants to kill you is that maybe in your waking life you feel he’d rather not have you around. being chased in a dream means that you are not facing your fears/problems. I think you should sit down with both of them and tell them how you feel not just about your dream but what ever is causing this dream…

Answer #12

I could maybe tell you somethings bad is going to happen between you guyz

Answer #13

do you n your mom have any problems with him any little thing like maybe an argument cause that could be it

Answer #14

…Is your dad’s name Ash and does he work in house wares at an S-Mart?

Answer #15

No.. ha his name is Jason

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