What--does missing a period a few days after mean you could be prego?

would I miss a period a few days after or would I have to wait for my next one to be missed to know for sure?? it was unprotected and he did cum without pulling out?? should I test it in a few days of a few weeks?? Help??!

Answer #1

if its time for your period then maybe you could be. but you could just be a little late. that happens to me sometimes

Answer #2

chances are pretty good you are pregnant. I think you can take a test a few days after the first missed period…take a look at a pregnancy test box it will tell you. “first response” is a good brand. For future reference, the pull out method does NOT work (even if he had, which he didn’t)-there is something called pre cum which is loaded with sperm which comes out before he has an orgasm.

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