What does it mean to have a one day period?

Last month I had a one day period well really it was only spotting and now this month I am having a brownish discharge 5 days before myperiod what does it mean?

Answer #1

omg! same thing happend 2 me but I got brown discharge for like half a day.. it wasnt a lot

Answer #2

Well, the brownish discharge could be attributed to ovulation. That happened to me when I was younger. Not sure about the whole 1 day period thing. You may want to go see your doctor. I also had a history of ovarian cysts and had to get a couple surgically removed. before getting them removed, the cysts changed my cycle, so you should just drop by your OBGYN.

Answer #3

It could be normal. It could also signify pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test and go to see a doctor.

Answer #4

are you a virgin??

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