what does LAX stand for?

what does LAX stand for? I no its an airport but was does the X stand for? los angles _

Answer #1

doesn’t it stand for international? because the airport here is PDX and it stands for portland…and it’s an international airport (and LAX is also). anyways, that’s what I always thought.

Answer #2

As far as I know, it’s the marking letters for the airport. It aids in the definition of baggage. Take a look at the tag the handlers put on your luggage. There is a three letter tag attached with the airports “tag” or identifying tag. It helps the process of keeping your luggage with you. Toronto’s YYZ. So a bag with the tag YYZ will be shipped to Toronto.

Answer #3

It doesn’t stand for anything in this case. Every airport in the world has a three letter symbol that may or may not be close to representing the city that it serves. So LAX xould just as easily have been LAG or WUV. Sometimes it works out, like St. Louis is STL.

Answer #4

it stands for lacrose. the sport

Answer #5

it also stands for the sport lacrosse. LA and then the X which is a cross. lax= La-cross = lacrosse. get it?

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