What does it mean when an account is disabled?

What does it mean when an account has been disabled?
I looked at a question and it said that

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excuse me hollisterbby im not stupid I dont appericate that and it doesnt make it better if you put lol this is a question website and I was asking a question that I didnt know the answer to I got the answer I didnt need your help but thanks

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Means one of a few things:
1) They haven't activated it yet (we require people to confirm their email address now)
2) OR they were disabled until we can talk to them b/c they might have broken the rules, and they didn't reply when we contacted them via fun mail.

Can you drop me a note & let me know what member you're referring to? Thanks!

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um well it meas that I doesnt work anymore!!! hello can you b that stupid lol

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It means that you cannot access the account.

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