what does it feel like having your tounge done? does it hurt?

I had my labret done nearly a year ago, and tommorow im going to get my tounge pierced. Im scared that this is going to hurt it didnt hurt when I had my labret done it just felt like a pinch and the pain was gone within a second. Does it hurt having your tounge pierced? And what does it feel like?

Answer #1

heyy there, I got my tongue pierced about two years ago now, and it barely hurt. I could feel the muscles seperating. this wasn’t painful, but the pain threshold is different for everyone. if you do get it done, here are some tips adn tricks: the piercer SHOULD pierce far back enough to allow your tongue bar not to touch you teeth. after getting it done DO NOT eat anything with artificial flavours or colours, as this will cause small pimples along your tongue, and trust me, that hurts a lot moe than teh piercing. drink alchol and fizzy drinks through a straw. suck on ice to ease the swelling. yes your tongue will swell, but when mine was done the only way I knew about that was because I could see it in the mirror. you can barely feel it. they will give you an extra big bar to allow for swelling. try not to hit it along your teeth. rinse your mouth out with uncoloured mouthwash (try listerene yellow) ONCE A DAY - anymore than this and the mouthwsh will destroy the good bacteria on your tongue and will not help the healing process.

good luck xxx

Answer #2

it didnt hurt me atal I’ve had it done for a week now and I’ve changed my bar, I ate normally but it took me hours to eat lol, so realy io was scared over nothink :) thanks for your helpp x

Answer #3

it somewhat hurts. it was bareable. I have mine done. I don’t know if I’d do it again, cause the biggest hassle is aftarwaeds when your tongue is swollen for a week and you can only eat smoothies and soup.. but the trick is, don’t just leave your tongue alone. it might feel uncomfortable to talk or eat, but your tongue is a muscle, it Neeeds to move. put ice on it. eat smoothies. take ibiprofen. :)

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