What does each kiss mean ?

kaaay welll apperantly each kiss means something diffferentt aha , and I was chilllan with this guy , that I reallly likee , we're not dating or anything ... but we were laying down on the bed , watching tv together , annnd he kissed my forehead :o I thought it was reallly cute (: but what does this meaaan ? any signsss ?

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I wouldn't be as concerned about what does the kiss mean, as much as what it means that you're laying in bed with the guy. That sounds pretty serious to me. I think you're missing the big picture.

Despite what that poster says (see reply above), a kiss only means whatever the person who gives it wants it to mean. That poster doesn't mean anything if the guy you're with hasn't read it.

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well he cares but I dont think hes in love.. hang out more and it could turn into a lot more ;)) hope this helps

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Here you go :)

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I'm pretty sure it means that he thinks you're cute

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kissmean to love and to appreciate..ryt,,:)

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