What does this mean about the meteor?

This is part of a question that someone asked a few hours or something ago... I was just wondering if someone can explain it as I dont understand it lol x

'theres a meteor thats coming towards earth and its supposed to explode earth or take all our water supplied. I guess there gunna take 2 attempts to explode it before it hits us sometime by next year. well I just want to know how many of you have heard of this? '

Thanks x

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Hi I actually have never heard of it but when I read this thing I thought that if a meteor is going to hit us, you might as well do all the things you could have not done now before it is over. nice meeting u. bye

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It's an urban legend. Don't sweat it.

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Nah, it is not true, don't worry about it so much. If there were such a case, why are we still here???

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