What does <3 mean?

I see this symbol fairly often and I haven't figured it out. What does <3 stand for or symbolize?
Thanks, and too all
Good Luck!!

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I think in math "<" means 'less than' - so less than 3 ?, not sure - or it can mean 'after' so after 3.

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less than three. or...that cheezy heart thing cool people use in text or whatever...

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Also I've heard:
&spades; as well as &hearts;

Good Luck!!

Opps, guess not diamonds.

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What does :3 or =3 mean?

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its not working :(

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dilz, it's a

try again!


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just checking

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turn your head to the side, it's a heart :] <3

what does <3 means

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its a heart babe lol.

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It's a heart

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I just did those by pressing alt + 3

Yay it worked!

Hehe, both of them do. But I think Alt and 3 is easier.

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Thanks, amblessed, thats what I originally thought, but I think nariisrad got what I was after.

Thanks nariisrad!
I learned from Babyangel22 that &hearts; can be made by typing
&hea rts; but without the space between the 'a' and the 'e'
At least I think that's right. I'll find out after I hit the post button ...

Right, that is how!! (don't forget the SEMI-colon)
Good Luck!! and thanks

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Yay for hearts.

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Heh, cool!


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<3 love its a heart

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&hearts; hehehe!

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alt + 3

WOW. And it shows up right away.
Thanks. I can send my g/f all sorts of love.

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It is the text symbol for a heart. It is often used in the place of the word "love."

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