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Ok so for most of my life I have thought I wanted to be a campaign manager and take poli sci classes and all that kinda stuff...I did allright in high school but never great cause I didnt want to do my homework
Well now im in a good college but I hate all my classes...I dont know what I want to be anymore and my poli sci classes are the ones im doing the worst in...I go to class and I do my homework but I still get ds and fs on the tests and cs on the papers...I have below a 2.0 gpa and now im scared that im going to be on probation (academic of course) I've changed my major so many times this year and I don tkno what I want I cant think of anything I love and its like im freaking myself out to the point where I dont even want to go to class and get out of bed
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get out of this hole?

Also howcome it seems like I have such a hard time with colllege and with grades and stuff yet all my friends have tons of free time and are doing so much better in all the same classes

I want to be soething great but I dont know what

Please if you have anything to say just say it