What do you think of vegatarianism?

What are your views on vegatarianism?
Do you believe eating meat is part of the food chain, and should be done?
Or do you think that we should protect the animals and let them be?

Please no bashing each others' beliefs.

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I'm a vegetarian and I still get the protein I need

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I would love to be able to be a vegetarian. I think it's wonderful not to have to depend on the death of any living animals for food. I just could never do it. When I think of going the rest of my life with out a juicy medium rare steak, I can't even consider it. lol

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Uhm no... I dont think anything should be done, its a personal choice, it doesnt affect me either way, and millions of indians are vegetarians, they seem to have an easy enough time getting all the nutrients they need.

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I agree with abdul. Although it's possible to get them from plant sources, it's easiest to get nutrients like protein, iron, and several vitamins from eating meat.

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I think its not good for your body cause you need protein to have build and maintain muscles

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I belive it is wrong.Animals like us people should have the right to live and enjoy their lives. I am a vegan and adore animals. Animals are wonderful cretures that deserve a chance at living not being killed for food at inhumane slaughterhouses

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