what do you think of the book of ecclesiastes?

when I read the book of ecclesiastes in the bible I think of all that the preacher says. All the good staff that he thinks about life. do you think is contrversial?. do you think is controversial regarding what Jesus said about to take our cross and die to ourselves every day?

because the preacher in the book talks about enjoying life and its goodness, enjoy food, money, things, etc. even wine. God was created everything for us to enjoy. the word eden means pleasure.

does this means that we should drink? a little. does this means that we can have fun? tell me what you think

Answer #1

Listen the writer of eccleciates was Solomon…he was known as the wisest person in the world…Jesus never thought us to live our lives in complete misery…all that solomon was saying is as simple as if you have two ways to live your life chose the one that makes you happy…you should also take into consideration that every writer of the books in the bible…when they wrote it and in what condition…King Solomon lived at a time of peace …he didn’t have to face the hardship his father David had to deal with…so he can afford to sit around and contemplate about the luxuries in life…In David’s Psalms he wrote most of his earnest prayers in time when he was being persecuted chased and in danger he wrote his feeling about being grateful but Solomon was lived a different life.Okay every single book in the bible you have to ask yourself from whose viewpoint okay they don’t necessarly express God’s view but tyou can learn something from it.

Answer #2

Yes, “The Preacher.” We need to die to self each day that we wake up in the morning, to live for the Lord.

We need to not think less of ourselves, but think about ourselves less! And seek to serve in any way we can.

God wants us to enjoy life and live abundantly, just not let the things in our lives direct our lives. An example is having a nice shiny car that NO ONE is allowed to lean up against. That puts “stuff” ahead of people and our feelings.

He wants us to make money. I always say that the more I make, the more I can give! Let God use you, let Him use you through one or more of your talents. He will if you want to! God Bless!

Answer #3

It means the best things you can do on this pointless (‘vanity’) earth (‘under the sun’) is to just enjoy it all. Near the end is the ‘but remember God’s law because God is watching’. But the best you can do regarding your job and so on is to enjoy your work, enjoy what you earn from it and have fun. It also has tips on working hard, diversifying, investing overseas and so on. Good stuff, especially in this bad economy.

Sources: Bible, Martin Luther. Martin Luther was critical of church monks in his commentary, because they distance themselves from the world and live poor lives for the sake of living poor lives. While loving God and others is what’s most important, hurting yourself is not necessary to follow God!

Answer #4


The key to properly understanding the book of Ecclesiastes is that it is the best of human reasoning “under the sun”. In other words, everything in our earthly lives, from the standpoint of human reasoning, is “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity”.

Wisdom, pleasure, accomplishments, labor, wealth, children, even contentment is futile, worthless, and empty of significance when viewed from the standpoint of human reasoning.

The Preacher’s conclusion of the whole matter is found in chapter 12, verse 13: “Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

does this means that we should drink? a little.

I see no reason that we “should” drink. I will assume you meant “could”, and will also assume that by “could” you meant, is it permissible. If my assumptions are correct, there is no transgression in drinking “a little”. However, there are plenty of verses in scripture that clearly tell us not to get drunk. does this means that we can have fun?

Of course we can “have fun”! As long as what you are calling “fun” does not entail sin. “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh…”

Answer #5


Wonderful! That is a good learning. Thank you brother.

Answer #6

Many activists choose atheism with thoughts like, “If there WERE God, we’d had it made, but the world is in a sorry state, so there must not be.” Our species is really at the mercy of time and circumstance (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 17; 9:11-12), and overall, other species fare far worse off than many in our species do. [The term “chance” is sometimes used to refer to “the coincidence of time and circumstance”]

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