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Out of the darkness two stooped figures emerged out of an alleyway towards a large building in the middle of town. As they crept along the street, the lampposts revealed two pairs of stunning wings, one huge and black as night, the other, small and white as snow. The larger of the two waited at the bottom of the steps as the smaller one went up to the highly polished nameplate. The moonlight reflected off of it, “The Hall of Records”. Nodding at its companion, who had revealed the true mass of its wings, spread out nearly nine feet in anticipation, the smaller figure unfurled its own wings and headed for the roof.

Three months later, an angel was sentenced to banishment in hell, punishment for trespassing and stealing classified information. Before they were dragged to hell, they vowed revenge on those who had supposedly wronged them. Two figures disappeared into the shadows. The files stolen were never found.

I was there.

I was there when she was born as well. I was there when she took the oath that would shape her life. I was there when she realized WHO and WHAT she was. I was there when she met him and they fell in love. I was there when he took the same oath that would bring him his protector. I was there when they were attacked for what they were. I was there when… well... that would give away the story.

She got Vanessa five years ago. Three hours of blood and sacrifice was all that took to tie her to Satan forever. Her reward was power and a protector that was to die rather than see her hurt. Vanessa protected her from herself, during the times of doubt when she wanted to end her life, and when it came time to tell her what she was and the power she had, Vanessa was there. Her spirit was that of a Chimera, a male spirit and the most powerful of God’s Five Powers. Through years of study, she had been able to separate out her spirit and body and magnify her abilities to that of a high level demon in her body and be fully powerful in her sprit form. Now she protects what is hers with tooth and nail, killing several in her attempts.

He got Dmitri naught but a month ago, but his sensitivity to the paranormal is extraordinary. For someone who has always been slightly sensitive his progress is still rapid. His metal powers are that of a young master, even though most his age merely cling to apprentice work. He is a pure soul; no blood has ever been shed on his light form. He is an accident, a female spirit made from a wolf heart gone awry; he is Little Chimera. 

Three weeks ago, Chimera was being pestered by Satan’s demons, and killed two of them. Her sentence in hell was only a month, very short considering the charges. Little Chimera could not stand her being tortured the way she was down there. Vanessa, her protector, agreed to take over her place. Satan, being the crafty demon he is, agreed.

She stayed in jail for three hours.

Vanessa was released and given control of a legion of demons to do her bidding. But first she had to break the innumerable bonds between herself and Little Chimera. In a fit of painful agony that nearly knocked him out, Vanessa disconnected everything that held them together. Her first target was Chimera. The fight that in sewed was brutal, too brutal to be mentioned here. It ended with Vanessa stabbed by Chimera’s dagger. She went home victorious, but a strange growl hung on her lips.

The next day, a messenger ran into her room and informed them Vanessa was NOT dead at all. After study, Little Chimera flushed Vanessa out of Chimera’s consciousness with his mind and allowed her an audience to atone for what she had done. Vanessa pleaded with him that she had done what she did to protect him from Satan’s evil plot to assassinate both of them. Chimera had simply gotten the wrong idea of her intentions. The coo had been staged. In his hand Vanessa placed a silver dagger to stab her with. She was dying and did not want to die dishonorably at the hands of Satan and his followers. Little Chimera would not do it, not only because he believed Vanessa about the coo, but also because instinct was urging him to throw the knife down. He pleaded with Chimera to heal Vanessa, and although she did not trust Vanessa, she trusted his judgment and did as he asked.

But there was more to the story. Chimera did not have full trust in Vanessa, and as it became her uneasiness was well founded. Vanessa was back with revenge on her heart. Chimera called to her new protector, Azarath, to bring up her followers and protect Little Chimera at all costs. He was still not strong enough to fend off the most powerful demon in the world. Azarath alerted Dmitri who finally woke up from his drunken stupor to protect Little Chimera. Chimera waited patiently, talking to him; waiting for Vanessa to appear in the doorway of her bedroom. It did not take long.

Vanessa appeared out of nowhere, her long black cloak drifting gracefully around her slender hands and feet. A dark mop of hair rested neatly on her head. Wings, small and black, tinged with blood from their last battle, hung limply on her back. Out of a fold of her cloak, she pulled a massive three foot broadsword, deep purple at the blade and pure blood red at the hilt. 

Chimera got up from her seat at the bed, pulling her own quarterstaff out from her back. She took a few swings and wounded Vanessa enough to not consider her an immediate threat, then turned her back to push Little Chimera out of the room. He did not need to see this. As she was about close the door, he saw the purple tip of a sword ram her through the heart. She gasped for air and staggered onto her bed. As her anger towards Vanessa rose and her temper flared her body lost more and more control. Soon the true nature of Chimera came out. Nine foot black wings rose out of her back, her eyes turned black as night, her true demonic nature returned and all pain was lost. Claws jutted out of her hands and her form became larger, darker, and stronger. The massacre did not take long. Before long Vanessa was no more. Chimera crawled over to the doorway, wounded beyond belief, held up Vanessa’s head to him and said to the white figure “Do you see now why you do not trust anyone?”