What do you think of my poems?

  1. I took my soul, and buried it in a hole. So no one will ever get to see. the true me..

2.Its so hard to climb a mountain go up the highest hill sail the 7 seas Cross the country. &Swim to China But the hardest thing there is to do, Is forget about you..

3.She goes outside &stares up at the sky. Inside she wants to cry but she holds back all the tears she wants to get rid of all the suvering and pain, Its making her go insaine.

4.FIREWORKS.. The crackle soud, the beautiful colors, the shiny bright light, everysound makes me thing of our laughs we had together, every color makes me think of our fun times together, The bright light makes me think of your beautiful smile, but after a while it all fads away, & turns into a cloud.. just like how our love for eachother faded away && now…its just another cloud in the sky..

5.Late nights, Sleep over fights, Partying hard eating like a fat lard Sunscreen lotion & a love potion The MOST UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER. 08’

Answer #1

I like numberr 1,3,&&4 great poems mii poems are more depressing yurzs are like happy and nice :D <3 Good job :)

Answer #2

Your poems are f*cking awesome, love the last one(:

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