What do you think of my poem?

Drip Drop…Drip Drop There Goes Another Thought A Tear Running Down My Face Nobody Could Ever Take Your Place

The Clouds Are Blue, The Sun Is Shining And I’m Sitting Here Crying The Wind Is Blowing, Its Getting Cold Its Time Now, The Story Is Told

Remember Some Memories, Forget The Rest Close Your Eyes, And Take A Deep Breath Its All Leaving Now, Almost Past Just The Memories, I Know Will Last

To Me Your There, But Also Here I’m Not At Risk, But Full Of Fear Your Everywhere I Go,To Me It Was All Supposed To Leave,But Its Here, Forgive Me,Please

Where Did You Go, Where Are You Now I’ll See You Again, Not Sure How Please Come To Me, Never Leave We’ll Be Full Of Happiness, And Relief

Do You Look Into That Girls Eyes, Kiss Her Lips You Can Tell Shes Happy, By The Way She Skips See That Way Shes Skipping, Look At Her Go Its Beautiful, Makes Me Sad Though

That Used To Be Me, That Girl Right There That Was When, You Had Time To Spare Now Its Her, Instead Of Me Are Your Going To Set Her Free

Tell Her You Cant Live Without Her Tell Her, Tell Her You Love Her And You Always Will, With All Your Heart Then Shoot Her With That Painful Dart

Should I Move On, And Not Stop I Would Try, But I Would Just Drop How Do I Start Again, After The End Are You Just Another Guy, Or Are You My Friend

So Many Questions, Problems Unsolved This Isn’t A Game, That Can Be Resolved Its True, Its Real Its The Way, I Really Feel

Tick Tock, Your Running Out Of Time If You Don’t Want Me, That’s Fine No Saying Sorry, No Running Back I Refuse To Take It, I Know It For A Fact

I Don’t Want It To End, Don’t Want It To Go Away I Just Want, You To Stay Talk To Me, Let Me Understand Like We Said, The Way We Planned

My Time Is Up, Its Gone Please, Don’t Get Me Wrong Good-Bye For Now, Talk To You Soon So I Wish, Upon The Stars And The Moon

Answer #1

that was amazing I cant believe you wrote it

Answer #2

OMFG…that was really good! It gave me goosebumps!

Answer #3

There’s something about it… when I read it, it sounded different to other peoms. It’s really good.

Answer #4

I like that. Very nice and carefully constructed. Nice vocab too. I like.

Answer #5

awesome ,…! you r really a talented… I poem is tooo good go a head with you r skill of writing poems

Answer #6

I loved it it is great , well done stephanie

Answer #7

Rockn huni.. keep up the work..

Answer #8

amazing! you should definitely look into bein a poet!

Answer #9

“I Feel Like Crying” Thats How Good It Was

Answer #10


Answer #11

I loved it so great I know how it is though all of my poems suck I’m not good at all unlike you of corse some people get at the talent keep righting!

Answer #12

this poem is awesome! best I’ve heard in a long time!!! :)

Answer #13

WOW ITS A GOOD POEM did you make it up?! I LUV IT!! :)

Answer #14


Answer #15


I see poetry as art, it’s neither wrong nor right, it’s how one expresses themselves, everyone has their own style and rhythm, so you shouldn’t compare your work with someone elses.

Answer #16

This can almost be lyric material. almost.

Answer #17

pretty good (‘’’).(‘’’) (‘’’)O.O(‘’’) ^^ 1~

Answer #18

I like it!

Answer #19


Answer #20

That is the best poem I have ever read!!! your REALLY talented!!! If you keep going you could probably make a song keep up all the work and don’t give up on poetry! you could have a great life ahead of you!All im saying is - YOUR GOING PLACES!!!

Answer #21

that is awesome!!! Did ya really write that???

Answer #22

did u make that up??? if u did thats like sooo awsome! your a true poet!!!

Answer #23


Answer #24

awesome! but practice on your spelling. your a good poet

Answer #25

wow long and good ^_^

Answer #26

One Word.

               BEAUTIFUL!  =)

good job this poem is really nice.

Answer #27

I read the first 2 verses, its ALRIGHT. Got bored. And I Can’t Stand How Every Word Is Capitalized. It’s annoying.

Answer #28

Its a really good poem, I write songs and I am well impressed

Answer #29

thats reallly good=]

Answer #30

Wow girl, I can realate to tat in so many ways.You are realy good.I like it,keep writing. I love poems.It helps me better understand my feelings and others as well.Good Job!

Answer #31

wow if you made that up you are sooo cool!!! I love the start, it goes really deep!!! please rite more an dput them up!!! xox minalae

Answer #32

I love this peom !!! it kinda makes me think of I guy my ex thanx your poem helped me ! your really good keep up the work ! katlyn

Answer #33

ok…one word…WOW! that was amazing…thats something u should really look into…if your not already!!

great poem.


Answer #34

I like it…it’s kind of sad, but I like it, I almost feel broken hearted. Keep up the great work:)

Answer #35

I like it, very poignant. I especially like the way it begins. You’re really talented, any poetry I try and make is nothing compared to this - I don’t think I’ll try anymore!

Answer #36

Thanks everyone. I dont write very often, it has to be a really strong emotion for me to write about feelings. I try but it doesnt always turn out great. Thanks everyone I appreciate it.

Answer #37

Hey! I too write poetry, and in my opinion, that was truly well thought out. Was that your first one? If so…then I’m like…even MORE amazed! I think you should continue writing! You seem to have put that poem JUST right- not too overpowering, but just enough to make me really feel what you were feeling at the time. I especially like this stanza: “Remember Some Memories, Forget The Rest Close Your Eyes, And Take A Deep Breath Its All Leaving Now, Almost Past Just The Memories, I Know Will Last” The only contructive criticism I have is to work on the flow of the poem a bit, THAT’S ALL!! ;) <3

Answer #38

You write from the heart and that is when a beautiful poem comes to life…I know this is the emotions that you felt when writing it and for that I am so sorry that you had such pain…I write when I am inspired…Try writing about other things that inspire you…remember the world is not your limit…but do know there will be those that do not understand you and those that will embrass you…Do not be held back by those that do not understand your romantic side!!! Believe me it is not worth it…Just move on to those that do!!! You go Girl!!!

Answer #39

omg I love it you should enter it in to a conest thats what I do to mine go to this site www.poetry,com and enter contest and get that published I have 3 of mine published and I books that you can buy with a lot of ppls poems in it and best of all they will send you things to go places and you could get to a poety convention and win stuff and I don’t know it it interests you but I do it to mine just when I have time but yea please take in some thought because thats vary good and I know that you will get it published because they will send you a thing to get it published and I hope you do and have fun with it kk well gota go ttul bye ~tiff~

Answer #40

Enter it into a contest. Here’s one: ThisIsPush.com And here’s a poem that I wrote, I entered it into a contest and won.


Hiding behind shielded eyes Protected from the truth Running from despair Memories escaping Echoes of human pity Nightmares of crude behaviors Denial causing outrageous lies The light of darkness crashing down Forever haunted by reality Whimpers releasing last words Patience tested Death Unwelcomed… Suffering is never measured But elsewhere It is.

Poets put all their emotions into what they write. And it seems that what I write always turns out dark and gloomy =/

Answer #41

wow that is a really good poem! im not really into poetry but I really liked that!your good a that stuff. want to do my poerty homework when I get some in Lit calss? lol just kidding.

Answer #42

This is a really GREAT poem!!! Do u write poems a lot because if u dont u need to start becuase this was beautiful. U could probably publish your own poem book. if u have other great ones like this one!!!

Answer #43

Certainly speaking from the heart by the sounds of things, theres a lot of passion in it which makes it a good poem in my humble opinion.

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