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What do you think of my poem?

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Between two worlds my eyes open up One has strength And one has love I am torn I want to leave my world Fall slip tumble into another Forget my past and how its abused me Screw lovers they always refuse me I try to piece back together my broken heart But whatever I do it just falls apart Love and hate together as one Im falling Im slipping I think im done Forget the past It doesn’t matter I have to warn you It isn’t pretty Being torn is such a pity Decisions are tough Life can be rough So forget pain
Forget life
Forget love The solution to this problem is at the end of a knife It tears me apart that you are gone Found inner strength and had moved on But just like life Love is easily taken away So I breathe my last breath with only one thing to say Don’t deny love Even if it hurts you Because I would rather feel pain Then the emptiness of a cold bitter heart No I lay here My heart is being fixed No longer shattered Or tangled Or torn