What do you think of my poem?

All of the nights, I wished I was there, Wishing I could have made things better than they were, But I couldn’t cause I never knew how, You ended up being the one, to be there for me somehow, I cried to myself one night, and asked myself ‘Why? why are you so good to me?’

Then you took my hand and showed me what it could be like, With you by my side, I froze by the sight, I catched my breath and wiped away my tears, And you said ‘Don’t be afraid to fight your fears’

I fell down to my knees and held your hand tight, And you pulled me back up to your arms open wide, And said

‘I’ll stay and fight by your side, For our love is the only thing we have. You’ve given everything you’ve had, That’s why Im here to take your hand. Don’t be afraid, everything will be done, For I’ll be here to fight for what we love. For you have done the same and turned my life around, And kept me up when I’m down, So baby, I’ll stick around and never leave by your side.’

Im not really a good writer I just write with my emotions

btw this poem is about a girl whose fighting for the person she loves, and shes scared to find out what her parents are going to do to her if she still keeps fighting, and her parents will do anything to get what they want, but everything she try nothing seems to work, that shejust feels like giving in…

so what do you think? xD

Answer #1

Umm this is like my 4th poem I think lol xD thnx!! =D

Answer #2

wow thats really good is it your first poem because if it is I would keep writing lol

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