What do you think is better Dsi or PSP?

Ok theres a new ds developed called the Dsi and I dont know if there going to make a new PSP but which do you think is better Dsi or PSP

Answer #1

psp ftw

Answer #2

I much prefer DSi…because the games are cheeper most times…:P

Answer #3

I prefer the DSi. the extensive collection of great games along with the DSi shop make it the superior console IMO. Although the PSP has a great little store that you can buy games online, even some PS1 classics. Pokemon is only on the DS though… so that right there is a major plus in my book. plus the touch screen is pretty sweet too for some games.

Answer #4

theya re both good depends what you want to play you can buy this card for the dsi so that you can use a sd card of sorts to play games off of though wich is kool

Answer #5

I prefare my psp but since my wifi is screwed on it , I couldnt do that cool stuff , but if I had to choose between psp or dsi .. id go for psp

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