PSP vs. Nintendo DS/DSI

Which one should I get? I’m 26. Which one is better suited for ‘adult’ games? Also, what is so great about the new Nintendo DSI? What is the difference between a DS, a DS lite and a DSI? I’m so confused…:)

Answer #1

The Nintendo DSi is MUCH better than that crappy PSP *

Answer #2

wow your 26 sorry but you need to get a job and get focused on life its pathetic I have both the dsi and psp and they both suck I just play my ps3 all day

Answer #3

well the psp has internet and you can play with people around the world and it looks better too. you cant get movies on the ds. I just got pinapple express and step brothers for my psp

Answer #4

Ok, a DSI has a camera in it so you can take a picture of yourself. A DS Lite is thinner than a normal DS. I have a PSP but I only use it when I’m on vacation. It has a lot of M games for it. I’ve never seen a bad game for DS’s. All I’ve seen is Mario and animal games.

Answer #5

Thanks, usarugby. I think I get the difference between the DS , the DS lite and the DSI now. The DSI is the newest but the DS lite is just a newer, better form of the DS. The DS doesn’t have any capabilities that the DS lite doesn’t have, right?

Let me clear this up. I don’t mean ‘adult’ games as in ‘bad’ or rated M. I mean like games adults would like, not little kid learning games and stuff. :)

Answer #6

Play station is pretty good I used to have one but prefer the Xbox set but the PSP would be better.

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