What Do You Like Better?

Coke or Dr Peper?

Chocolate or sweets?

Tv Or Computer?

Snow or Sun?

Friends Or Famiily?

R&B Or Rock?

Msn Or Yahoo?

Girls Or Boys?

Day or Night?

Teenage or Adult?

Asda or Tesco?

Legwarmers Or Socks?

Maths Or English?

NewLook Or Tammy?__?


Answer #1

I like playing basketball and going out for movies and snacks and I like music and dance and chocolates

Answer #2

Dr. Pepper














Answer #3

-coke -sweets -Computer

  • Sun -Friends -Rock -Msn -Boys -Night -Adult -Tesco -Leg Warmers -English, oh my GOD I hate maths so much -newlook
Answer #4

-Dr.Pepper -Sweets -Computer -Sun -Family -Rock -Yahoo -Boys -Night -Adult -Tesco -Leg Warmers -English -No clue who they are.

Answer #5

Coke Sweets Tv Sun Family Rock MSN Girls Night Adult ASDA (Tesco are the only supermarket in my town grrr) Socks English New Look (But Tammy when I was younger)

Answer #6

Coke or Dr Peper? Dr peper

Chocolate or sweets? Both > x


Answer #7

• Dr. Pepper • Chocolate • Computer • Sun • Friends • R&B • MSN • Boys • Night • Teenage • Asda • Leg warmers • English • Who are they?

Answer #8

Coke or Dr Pepper? COKE

Chocolate or sweets? SWEETS

Tv Or Computer? COMPUTER

Snow or Sun? SNOW

Friends Or Famiily? FAMILY

R&B Or Rock? R&B

Msn Or Yahoo? MSN

Girls Or Boys? BOYS

Day or Night? NIGHT

Teenage or Adult? ADULT

Asda or Tesco? HUH?

Legwarmers Or Socks? SOCKS

Maths Or English? MATH

NewLook Or Tammy?__? HUH?

Answer #9

Coke or Dr Peper? coke Chocolate or sweets? chocolate Tv Or Computer? computer Snow or Sun? snow Friends Or Famiily? family R&B Or Rock? both Msn Or Yahoo? msn Girls Or Boys? both im bi Day or Night? day Teenage or Adult? teenage Asda or Tesco? asda Legwarmers Or Socks? legwarmers Maths Or English? english NewLook Or Tammy?__? newlook

Answer #10

Dr Pepper chocolate computer sun family are and b yahoo boys day teenage asda, I dunno what it is or means! socks english tammy, I dunno what it is or what it means either!

Answer #11

Coke or Dr Peper? Coke, never had Dr Pepper

Chocolate or sweets? Chocolates

Tv Or Computer? Computer

Snow or Sun? Sun…don’t like cold…but have never seen snow

Friends Or Famiily? Bit of both

R&B Or Rock? Rock

Msn Or Yahoo? Google?? else yahoo

Girls Or Boys? Boys

Day or Night? Day

Teenage or Adult? Adult

Asda or Tesco? Huh??

Legwarmers Or Socks? Socks…don’t have legwarmers

Maths Or English? Maths…much easier

NewLook Or Tammy?__? Newlook

Hmm? umm…

Answer #12

Dr. Pepper Chocolate TV Sun Friends Either one Yahoo. Girls Night Teenager Never heard of either Socks Math

Answer #13

Coke or Dr Peper? Neither…I don’t drink soda

Chocolate or sweets? Again, neither. I can’t have chocolate because I am a vegan, and candy is bad for you so…neither.

Tv Or Computer? Computer.

Snow or Sun? SNOW! Definitely.

Friends Or Famiily? Friends…

R&B Or Rock? Rock…

Msn Or Yahoo? Neither

Girls Or Boys? Boys

Day or Night? Night

Teenage or Adult? Teenage..

Asda or Tesco? Huh?

Legwarmers Or Socks? Socks, long socks.

Maths Or English? Math

NewLook Or Tammy?__? Huh?

Answer #14

hmm, I think we share the same intrests then. I like playing basketball and going out for movies and snacks and I like music and dance

Answer #15

Dr Pepper




Friends Or Famiily. I depends on my mood.



Girls Or Boys? Who knows…


Teenage and adult are no better or worse



Maths Or English? Well I can do both subjects (most of the time) but I HATE them!


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