What do you do when your wii will not accept your router?

I went on to my router page and confirmed my ssid and password/key. My wii picks up the signal from the router but asks for the key. Everytime I enter the key it dont work. I put the mac address of the wii on my router page and saved it just incase that was the problem. Still doesnt work. I made sure that the setting was correct with my router. Wap-personal.. And wap-psk-tkip. Wont work. I know the router is compatable because I was on it yesterday but it disconnected over nite and I had to put in the password agian but now it wont work. Is there an original wep key before I changed it and put my own password in?? Is that the problem. My password wont work .. Please help.

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I cant be bothered reading the above but the key you enter is the key for the hub which is normally on the back of the router, sometimes there is more than one key so just try them all and if it doesnt accept any then I dont know, wait for more advice

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