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What do you do to motivate yourself to draw etc.?

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I've always been very good at art...drawing. I was born with the talent, and yet I don't really use or show it! I hate that, I dream of having an exhibition, of all these things I want to draw, people mostly. I give up so easily on my drawing, I just can't help it! I'm easily frustrated! XD ... I'll read a book or play guitar instead because it takes less effort and time. But I really want to draw and use my talent. I just need MOTIVATION!! ...more than just a cool idea or photograph to draw...I have the art supplies, a space to do it and I just dunno!

I do art at school, but it's ok there because there's no escape, I'm told what to do , helped and encouraged!

Any young artists out there? What do YOU do to get yourself in the zone and not give up? How do you motivate yourself?! And stay like that?