How do you look cute in braces and glasses?

How do you look cute in braces and glasses?

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I think that you should just wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing like you might think that people will judge you bu instead they will comment you so never think on the negative side always think on the positive side you any’er know what will happen because I have glasses and wear braces and no one has ever said negative things they really actually say I like the color of your braces the colors really match really well to together so just go for what you want and good luck

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well if you can afford it try to get invisiline braces and contacts…thats what i would try to do …but also try to get slim rimmed glasses and dont get the colored braces because i think it looks gaudy…try to get braces that match the color of your teeth…you could always put makeup on but you really shouldnt worry just think about when the braces come off how nice your teeth will look.

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I have to get braces and glasses soon, I am so not looking forward to it. If you are naturally kind, then friends and family wouldnt care less what you look like because they love you for you. And if you are naturally pretty, then something people can only see when your mouth is wide open let alone notice, and something you can take off on your eyes wont take away the fact of how beautiful you are inside and out(:

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you can get many different cute colors for both braces and glasses… and you can gey coo shapes in glasses!good luck!(im getting braces soon!)

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I also agree that you should have confidence if your always worrying about having glasses and braces it just makes you feel bad I wear glasses and have braces and im fine with it because my teeth are going to be great and I can actually see you can wear as much make up as you want if you really dont want glasses you should consider contacts

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I just got braces and I love them…and I used to wear glasses and yeah people picked on me but I LOVE contacts much better just because I have wore glasses since I was like 6 months…:) But I changed schools first then got braces afterwards and a lot more guys like me now so its my cup of tea…:)

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i agree with the person at the top. confidence. don’t go getting contact lenses…unless your super paranoid. i wear glasses & they’re my thing. think how many cool glasses you can get. loads of people are wearing them that don’t need them even! just cos they’re not looked upon like they used to be. mine are very thick rimmed and dark brown, only cos i like the geeky look. but i think most people look cool wearing them.

& i’ve never had braces but loads of my friends did & i think ones matching ure teeth wud probably be best rather than bright pink or something.


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there is no certain way, dont bother thinking what other people think, peple get judged for what they wear but they dont know the person, if you think you look cute you look cute, if you think you look bad.. you don’t it is all self confidence they dont make you different from everybody else. :)

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