Does braces make your mouth look weird?

I’m not trying to offend anyone WITH braces or have had braces but pretty much EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know who’s had braces or have braces have weird looking mouths.

And I know it has changed because some of them are people I’ve known since grade school.

I want to get braces but I don’t want a funny looking mouth…

Answer #1

The end result is worth it all !!

Answer #2

nope in the beginning it can because the wires are all bendy ish because of there teeth but my sisters teeth look more normal with braces because she has large ish teeth(love you genna) but they make them look smaller

Answer #3

I think some people can have front teeth that kinda tip in like, even when they get the braces off. I kinda know what you mean, but not every person that has/had braces gets the “Weird Mouth”. I have Braces now, like a major mouth full of silver…very sparkily I might add…but I have a long way too go still with braces. I have to wear headgear even, now that takes some getting used too. Get the Braces. Your cute now and with str8r teeth it can only get better. peace!!

Answer #4

but I’d rather have my teeth be a tad bit off rather than a distorted’s good to know that everyone’s mouth seems to be normal but I swear everybody elses that I’ve seen looks odd. It’s like I can look at someone and tell if they’ve had braces or not.

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