what do you think of this poem???

ok…I wrote this poem 4 my boyfriend …but I’m not sure if it’s good enough 2 give it 2 him…so tell me honestly what do you think about it… thnx :):)

                                     I will never stop loving u

when you look me in my eyes it tells you what you mean 2 me and when I look deep into urz de hole world is what I see

a world that welcomes me with open arms a world which I wanna share with you a world that is filled with love a world so perfect and true

the way you make me feel I never thought it could be so real the way you make me feel everyday is more than any words can say

I love you more than any words can say I feel it growing in ma heart each and everyday I love how much you care the love you show is beyond compare

you give me something no one else has ever givin me it’s something you can’t see love so strong and so true it makes me think of only you this wonderful feeling you have givin me makes me wanna be with you endlessly…

I love the way you let me know how much you love me so don’t worry your the only one 4 me u & I & every one else can see that I love you with all ma heart and nothing could ever make us apart

I thought of you today but that is nothing new I thought of you yesterday and the day before that 2 today…tomorrow…my hole life through I will never stop loving u… ```the very las part I got it from the net (just 2 be honst :):) hehe

Answer #1

Nice, easily understood when your in love.

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