what do I get mah baby for valentines?

ohh my goshh so like as you all know, valentines day is coming up and I dont know what to get for mah baby; I’ve asked him what he wanted and he sed “hes got what he wants” so that didnt help, I’ve asked a few male friends and again they were no help so has anyone got any ideas pleaseee? ox

Answer #1

I’ll give you a tip since I’m a guy :)

I think what your boyfriend said was literally, “I want to be with you” as in ‘I want to spend the whole day with you.’ Hanging around the whole day sounds like a lot of time and you might not be able to. So spend as much time as you can, share stories, eat chocolates, tease him a little, and smile for him =)

that’s what I want for my Valentine :3

Answer #2

no wayy!! my boy always says that!! im like nickyy please tell me.. please.. and he grabs my weist and says I have everything I need and kisses me and im just like god just frikin tell me & we get in an argument but he still wont tell me! lol but I think the best thing to get is somthing really romantic like a sappy I love you card & a stuffed animal that says I love you(: thats what I got my boy & I no he will love it because its from me.. hope this helps!!

Answer #3

Hahaha tut boys ayee! & yehh thanks this helped x

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