What to get him for Valentine's Day?

how do you know what kind of stuff to get for your boyfriend for valentines day?? teddy candy what

Answer #1

you can never go wrong with candy.

Answer #2

Yeah it’s for girls but all guys aren’t like that. my boyfriends is very <333 so im sure watever I get him hell take personally lol. I have the same problem

Answer #3

Valentine’s Day is for girls…He should be more worried about what he is going to get you.

Answer #4

Flower with candy or perfume or music CD or a BMW car lol, by the way when it’s the valentine day??

Answer #5

haha ya! it is theguys job 2get US something.if he doesn’the doesn’t get us as a present! lol

Answer #6

something small, doesn’t relly matter, valentines day is for the women, us guys know that

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