What do I do when I think I'm going to lose my best friend?

Okay so this girl just joined this year and me and her are like best friends now. however, before we were best friends, she was best friends with this girl who went to her old school, but then eventually they lost contact, and got in an argument so didnt talk for months. However, her old best friend has just moved to a school near to ours, and now suddenly they are great friends again and in contact, and they are always seeing each other etc, I feel so scared that she will be best friends wit hher again, and not me. what do I do?

Answer #1

There is no reason to be jealous or insecure about your best friend having other friends or best friends. Just because she has another good friend doesn’t mean she’ll dump you. And being jealous or insecure will definitely drive her away. No one wants to have to reassure someone all the time. Learn to include this new friend in your friendship and instead of feeling like you have to compete, try to make a new friend instead. Learning to be flexible and respectful can only help you gain more friends!

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