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What do I do when I disagree with the mom of the girl I tutor?

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Ok, so the girl I tutor is in 6th grade, has an above average IQ, and tested two grades above her level, but has ADD and is getting almost all B's with a couple C's (like in math). I tutor her 3.5 hours a week in everything, esp. math and grammar. Her binder is filled to the brim with papers, almost all of which can be taken out. She claims that she doesn't have time to do it, even though I tell her it will only take 15 minutes. According to her, she has dinner, takes a shower, and does homework when she is at home on the weekdays. She then goes to bed at 9:00 PM. (She has more free time on weekends.) She does all this after being at school all day. Her "homework" is usually her mom helping her with math (even though I do it too -- but she needs it). I don't mind her mom helping her, I just think Meredith is getting an overdose of school. I like her mom and we get along really well, I just don't know her that well and I don't want to blow it by saying that perhaps Meredith doesn't quite need as much school as she's getting? What should I do?