What do I do to make my penis larger?

I want to make my penis bigger and want to do it for free without buying any drugs or medicines or anything like that…is there something I can do??

Answer #1

So many people don’t lie, jelking actually works but it’s way too much effort. At your age just eat right and eat plenty so you can develop normally.

Answer #2

do you know how to move it? well if you do just move it like 50 times a day makes it 1 in bigger a month

Answer #3

I’m sure theres something called ‘Jelking’ I don’t think you spell it like that. But this guy tried it for about a fortnight and by the end of it he’d grown just under half an inch. I know it doesn’t seem a lot, but that was only after a fortnight.

Answer #4

I could make some cheap joke becauee the question practically invites it, but I read somewhere that one thing a guy can do is learn to relax his hip and pelvic muscles which allows things to retract less up into the body.

Answer #5

see bimjobs answer.

Penis size is overrated.

Answer #6

I herd this from another guy before all you do is take a warm rag and jack it off for about a hour.

Answer #7

Sorry to all but there is virtually no way to make your penis bigger than your genetics dictate - short of a surgical procedure. And unless you have a micropenis (1-3 inches) a surgeon won’t do it. It may well continue to grow until you are 21, but you are probably at 80-90% of your final length now.

Preoccupation with your penis length (or a gal with her boob size) is usually a sign of youth - or immaturity. If you concentrate on bettering your self - education, job status, etc. - ‘magically’ your concern about your penis will disappear because that will give you the self-confidence that women find so appealing. If you are still concerned, learn how to do oral really well. Most women enjoy that as much, if not more than, intercourse. Good Luck!!

PS. This is something that seemingly gets talked about on the Loveline radio show every week.

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