How can I make sure I get pregnant?

Me and my fiance are trying to have a baby. I have never had one before so I don’t know much about it. How can I increase the chances of me getting pregnant? Are there certain things I can do to make sure I get pregnant? Also, does the size of a guys penis matter when trying to have a baby? For example, if a guy has a penis that is 8in. long, does he have a better chance of getting a girl pregnant than a guy with a 3in. penis?

Answer #1

have sex when your ovulating that will work

Answer #2

ok thanks, but how do I know when I am ovulating? Is it before or after a period, and how can I tell if I am at the time or not?

Answer #3

Seriously? WE’re NOT going to help you get pregnant at your age…buy a clue.

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