what do I do in this situation?.. urgent advice?

(*I am going to use fake names so its abit easier)

so, last night, 9 april, me, Alex (the guy), my best friend, Amy, and 2 other mates, Tasha and Hannah, .. Alex has fancied me for time, but Tasha fancies him, but they are best friends. Alex doesn’t want to spoil their friendship, because he says he ‘loves’ me.. Yesterday, we all met up, and I asked Tasha if she still liked Alex, and she shook her head & said shes done with guys, and apperantley, my best friend Amy had said that Tasha swore on both of lifes she didnt fancy Alex nomore. Night came, and me & Alex got drunk, and I do not fancy alex what so ever! but when im drunk, I must of thought ‘hess nicee!’ and he kissed me, he made the first move (a loong kiss), and Tasha saw, she walked off and threned to smash my face in,she called me a slag, to keep away from her, she’s never talking to me again,punch me again.. I asked her to do it, but she walked away. Alex ran after her, and he told her he made the first move.. but she went in her house. Alex told me tasha wanted to talk, I said fair enough, I went, (by now I was getting sober, I could walk like) and I apoligized, she didnt say much, she cried and slammed the door. and that was it.

Woke up this morning, with texts from another friend of ours (who wasnt even there! but Hannah had told her), saying I deserved it and im loosing all my friends and gaining a rep. (because this sort of thing happened 2 years ago but instead, the girl actually liked him, and I made the first move, but the girl has started talking to me again last september)

advice please? were all 16-17 ..

Answer #1

Ummm…This is a difficult one!!! Maybe you should tell her you were drunk and didnt no what you we doing

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