What do i do if my sister hit her head?

My sister hit her head and now im worried what will happen. Please give me some advice.

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yeah I agree whit the obove, it all depends on how hard, if she hit it like you know like we all do sometimes just a little hit then probobly meaby just some headeaches, If it was hurt bad and she bleed then pain and if it continues like crazy pain is better to take her to the doctor for a check up just to be on the safe side. If it's a bump then make sure her eyesight is ok and watch the pain she get's.


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If in doubt, go to the doctors. You know what it's like when you bump your head a little, if it's more than that - you may need to do something about it . Is she acting funny? Bleeding? Lots of pain, even after a while?

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take her to a dcotor and let him/her take a look at it
if theres anything wrong, a doctor will be able to tell

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it depends on how hard she hit her head

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