What should I do I got hit with a basketball and now my head hurts?

Today in gym I got hit with the basketball on my upper lip. It felt funny for a while and kind of hurt, kind of numb, but then after about 10 minutes I felt fine. Then, in my next class, science, I got a bad headache. It starting feeling better after that class, and after lunch I felt fine. My head still kind of hurts if I swing it around or like if someone says something loudly. It’s pretty much gone right now. Gym was at like 10:00 am this morning and it’s 8:32 right now. I was just wondering, could there be something wrong? Like should I go see a doctor? Are my headache and my getting hit with the basketball even related? Please help me!

Answer #1

if it still hurts after a day or to go and see a doctor it might just be sour x

Answer #2

if it hurts bad for longer then a day see the doctor my friend got a concussion and you might have one also.

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