What do I do! I'm really scared, I think I hurt myself!?

I was just masturbating (I’m 19 ) And I was using the end of a automatic tooth brush which is pretty thick and long and while doing it I was going fairly fast and I left it in a bit, I have tourrette syndrom and after doing it a few seconds my hand jolted and I jammed it into myself pretty hard. Now I’m suddenly bleeding very bad, and in some pain, and I just feel nauseates I can’t tell my parents cause they would know what I was doing and I’m crying cause I’m really scared that I hurt something, please tell me what I’ve could of done and what to do!!!

Answer #1

no, you should worry at 16 ts likley that your hymen is alreday broken as well as sex it can get broken by things like masturbating, fingers, sex toys, tampons, horse riding, bicycle riding, aggressive sports and exercise you have most likley ripped/tore/ect soemthing further up and thats pretty seriouse you MUST see a dcotor or go to the hospital if the bleeding hasnt stopped yet if its still bleeding then soemthing is ery wrong especially if your in a lot of pain no matter what you have to tell your mum, its a lot better than ending up bleeding to death because you didnt tell anyone

Answer #2

I agree with jaz, rather go see a doctor as soon as you can. you could have torn something other than your hymen.

Answer #3

Which part of your body is bleeding?

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