What do I do I have a girlfriend but I love my ex?

Well I finally moved past my ex but I stilllove him more than anyone or anything. Anyways I am still in school an I was asked out by a girl an last night we fooled around an I like her but I can’t stop thinking about my ex who’s 20 an I’m 15.my new girlfriend is 16 so yay. But she gets jeleaous when were out an I txt John an I don’t want to cheat but he told me this morning that he needs me and wants to be in me what do I do cheat an hope I get back with John or stay faithful to laura? Help me pls I hurt so bad

Answer #1

id say john probably just wants sex. and that laura would be better for you. it can be hard yes. and youll want john but hun. youve gotta be strong and not let that guy get in your pants.. besides… that can be considered rape in some places. but thats not reallly the point im trying to make.. well I really hope I helped.

Answer #2

laura is probably hot and crazy for u. you might only get a chance like this once so stay wth her john just wants sex

Answer #3

It really depends on the type of person john is and what he did for you guys to break up.If he made a mistake give this new relationship in your life a new chance you owe it to yourself.if the break up was caused by you then you obviously are not over him.quit any ties to either of them stay alone for some time till you make a final decision-best of luck-

Answer #4

Stay faithful. John obviously wants you for one thing

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