What do i do about my ex boyfriend

Heey, I've been having problems with my ex boyfriend.
he dumped me almost a month ago, and I still cant get over it. I mean when I dont see him I always tell my self its alright and that it dosent matter anymore, but when I see him or pass by him in the hallways im like wow im still not over him. And when he broke up with me he said that I didnt do anything wrong and that I was a great girlfriend but since hes going to europe this summer he dosent think it will work out. When he called me and broke up with me I told him to still be my friend and he promised. But know we never talk? I just missed being his friend because I feel like I lost a good one. All his friends tell me that I was his first girlfriend and that he probably thinks that if we start being good friends again that he will like me?
I dont know what to do ?

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well tell him how you feel. but find out first if he is talking or even with anohter girl. and if he is fight for him. or make the decision to drop him like a bad habbit.

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well, heres what I'm getting out of that..
he broke up with you because he's going to europe? is he coming back?
if he's coming back I say ask him for a "break" like still together just not together at the moment. I know its hard, babe I', going through it right now. except it's the other way around. does he still like you? talk to him. just say listen, do you still like me? if he still likes you then thats good. and ask him if you can try getting back together when he comes back.

What do I do now ? =\

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