What do guys prefer? innies or outies?

Just a random question I have always been curious about. Do guys prefer innies or outies (vagina) on a chick? And why?

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the last thing I care about when I'm having sex is whether it's an innie or an outie. Usually it's more shock that I'm actually getting laid :) Well if pushed I guess 'innie' , but outie seems more prevalent, and ultimately I don't care :)

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hey sgb,

inner of course looks better (cuter) when going down on her and I think it feels tighter too which is always better. But I dont think you cant change the look anyway so what.

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LOL. slavaim. My boyfriend once said:

It doesn't matter as long as it is a vagina

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designer vagina ;)

christy canyon has a designer vagina but I've never met it lol

it really doesnt matter to be honest...

either way is good for me :)

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Hahahaha Innie and outie is where the lips of the vagina either stick out (outie) or are very small and don't stick out (innie).. Do you'se get what I'm saying? not the clitorus, the actual lips? I'm from australia so that's probably why lol..

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Uhmmm like clawjas asked, do you mean the navel?

I've never heard of an innie/outie vagina... How would that even work? =S Haha.

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a innie or outie vagina?

do you not mean belly button?

if you mean like a designer vagina or one that hasnt had work dont to it then I dont mind either to be honest lol

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ANSWER #8 of 9

Hahaha to "ifeelcrazy" :) It's true but.

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wouldnt an outie vagina be a penis?

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