What do girls prefer? a guy with a good looking body or face?

Girls- would you rather have a guy that has a average looking face with a great body, or a great looking face with a okay body.

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Face, honestly I wouldn't care about the body much

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I'm a guy, but the question is answerable by all.

It's how the whole person clicks with the other, the rest is fluff.

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like everyone has already mentioned, personality would be the number one priority and I guess face would be first for appearances

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Well, for sure, personality comes first...
But if I must go physically... I'd say face...
Ahaha. x]
I mean... I don't care if the guy has a 6 pack or not... Tol. xD I don't care if he's all muscular and works out 24/7. tol.
And... You're not gonna be kissing his body... You're going to be kissing his FACE. Whether it's his cheek or lips... I don't see very many girls going around kissing their boyfriends arm or leg... xD tol. xP It's usually the cheek/mouth. x] Which are facial features.
So, I think that the face is pretty important... other than personality. x]

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faced with okay body, but I mean okay as in like a 4 pack, with an amazing face:D

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I'd say face. Body you can easily work on, face you can only do so much.

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the face, but I would also prefer a good looking body too.

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I'd rather the face. I don't want an ugly guy.

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Body, who wants to jump into bed with a 400 pound guy? And lots of people kiss
With their eyes closed anyway

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id say face tbh
altho a pretty good body does help

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the body to me matters more. they can have a ok face..with a great bod, that says a lot.

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Definately average face and great body, but every girls opinion is different and personality comes above everything.

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one vote for face...

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I say face because if you date a guy with a hot face and that is kinda fat you can just make him work out lol but if your with a guy with a hot body and ugly face you can never fix that lol

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I likee A nice Face :]

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