What/ do guys like it when a girl is really wet?

When a guy goes to finger a girl, or have sex, and shes super wet, is that a turnoff?

or, if a guy just goes to finger a girl and shes real wet is that a turn off?

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im obviously a guy and its not a turnoff. its normal to get wet while you get more and more aroused and why should this natural reaction be a turnoff. I mean its there for a reason if you couldnt get wet a normal intercourse would b kind a hard.

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If she is really wet I know she wants me and that makes me feel good and of course is a turn-on.

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Yea relly it is normal and it does make a guy feel good = TURN-ON!! :)

But when the guy goes to eat her out... No things change lol

drunk guys
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No, it's not a turn off.

Like martin prince said..its normal.

Its the bodies natural lube and without it sex would suck. I mean everyone would have to carry some type of lube around if a women didn't get wet lol.

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im a girl, but still I wud disagree and say they prob thnk its a turnoff. its disgusting and smells bad

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turn on.

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