Should I act more like a girl if I feel like a guy?

Im basically a total boy in the form of a girl. I have more guy friends than friends that are girls. The girls who instantly proclaim that they are “popular” think I act way too much like a boy that I should get a sex change… I actually thought about then I thought it would be dumb & weird. (really really really really etc. weird) Should I act more like a girl or (I WANT) stay with guitars, video games, snowboarding, and skateboarding?

Answer #1

You shouldn’t ACT at all. Just be yourself, whatever feels natural…

Answer #2

do what you want. You cooould try some girly things, after all, no point missing out on doing all the things that only us girls CAN do :-) I wish I’d been more girly when I was your age - I was pretty asexual back then and missed out on clotheswaps and make up tip sharing. But why give up the ‘boy’ things? when you can have it all!!!

Answer #3

Long live stereotypes. You don’t have to be a boy to like guitars, video games, snowboarding, and skateboarding. A lot of girls go through a phase where they want to be a boy. It’s normal, and it will pass. Don’t get something like a sex change because of a silly teenage whim. A sex change is not a solution; it creates even more problems. Not that I would know, I’m sure.

Answer #4

uh yeah… just live with it?

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