What do dr.s give you?

I am going to the Dr.s soon once an appointment is made to finally do something about my PMDD, and does anyone know what the Dr. is going to or prescribe? Anyone else who has or had this problem that could share their knowledge would be great, because I know some Dr.'s use birth control to help and others use prescription pain killers.

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For mild cases, treatment recommendations include diet modifications such as high carbohydrate meals and reducing salt, caffeine and alcohol, as well as a variety of methods for stress reduction and relaxation such as exercise, counselling and stress/behaviour management strategies.

For Severe cases, usually they prescribe some sort of medication. Usually a form of Anti Depressant like Zoloft, Prozac or Paxil. These medication are usually used in conjuction with a diet modification and streess reduction techniques..

For extremely sever cases hormonal therapies are neccessary and used to suppress the menstraul cycle.

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