What medicine should I give my baby?

My baby is 6 months and has a runny nose, sore/hoarse throat, coughing, and isnt acting himself acting as if he isnt feeling well. He’s not running a fever. Is there any cold medicine out there for babies? My dr is closed today and tomarrow and I need something for him NOW. I know babies can take Tylenol, is there anything else safe for him?? I have some Dallergy that the dr prescribed months ago. Could it be allergies or a cold??

Answer #1

Infant Tylenol is good for the pain of his sore throat. Vic’s Vapor Rub is good for babies- put it on his chest. It sounds like a cold, not allergies. Don’t give prescription medication to him (even if it is his own) if it’s not prescribed for the specific ailment.

I would take him to a different pediatrician- I’m sure there are plenty in your town, and as long as you have insurance, it’ll likely transfer over.

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